Product Customisation From The Hygiene Company:

We can customise the Hygiene Monitor to suit your business needs . The options are almost limitless – send us your design with your choice of shape, size, finished colour, specific text and logos to be used and we’ll do the rest.

Brand Customisation

After you’ve purchased a Standard Monitor, the Standard Plus, the Professional, and the Professional Plus or an Ultima Hygiene Monitor from us, we don’t just say, “Thanks very much. Bye-bye!’ and move on speedily to the next sale. We’re always only ever a phone call (0845 370 0030 or 01268 710209) or an e-mail away should you have any queries (or feel it might be time for a monitor upgrade?).

And, likewise, we don’t just sell you a hygiene monitor and then expect you to wade through an exhaustive instruction manual when it comes to setting up. All the information and help you need to use and set up the Hygiene Monitor Program is right here, at your fingertips.

The Hygiene Company team are friendly and fun. We are also focused – focused on providing customers with the best and most suitable products for them (not the dearest products that they might not actually need). We like to work with our customers; rather than being some kind of faceless and remote hygiene products supplier who simply fulfils an order and then fires off an invoice!

Contact Info

The Hygiene Company Cox Green Church Road Ramsden Heath Essex CM11 1PS England.
thehygienecompany (click the link to call us on Skype)