Hygiene Monitor SMS facility
Only £3.50 per month

These days, people are busy. We understand that. That’s why we’ve developed an easy way for you to keep a close eye on your washroom hygiene monitor from us, whenever you need to, and wherever you are: take advantage of our unique SMS option and text messages will be sent from your hygiene monitor to your mobile phone, providing you with updates on your monitor’s status. Clever stuff!

The Professional Plus and Ultima our two top-of-the-range hygiene monitors have the option of adding the SMS facility. It‘s a great facility to have, and one that so many of our customers are increasingly taking advantage of.


On reaching a pre-determined negative count, a message will be sent to your mobile phone or landline
Option to choose at which time settings the messages are sent
The ability to set a maximum number of text messages (sent within any specific countdown)

So handy, and so affordable

Adding the SMS text facility to monitors effectively adds a mobile phone to them – to send out text messages it has to use the mobile phone network; therefore taking out a contract with a service provider will be required (O2 / Orange / T-mobile…).
Currently we are able to offer £3.50 per month per unit using SMS, this is inclusive of your first 37 texts; additional texts sent thereafter are £0.07 each.
Start benefiting from SMS!